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Green Kinemaster Mod, saya akan mengembangkan aplikasi edit video yang cocok buat kau para youtuber, sesuai judul namanya Green Kinemaster Mod, Sebenarnya kinemaster sudah ada di playstore tapi dari segi fitur & tampilan kurang baiklah sob 😂
Screenshot Green Kinemaster Mod

Apa saja fitur dari Green Kinemaster Mod?

1. Multilayer option available such as Media library, FX effects, Overlay, Text, Styles, and Handwriting.
2. Includes many soundtracks for video background.
3. A color filter, color adjustment, clip graphic dll
4. Trimming/Splitting, Cutting and Slicing frame to frame.
5.  Cropping feature: Start position or End position.
6. Include Rotating and Mirroring position.
7. Quick preview option any time.
8. Speed control for video clips.
9. Fade in/Sound system did not get out.
10. Transition effects (3D transition, fade-in/outand pies).
11. Choose themes, visual effects, and sound effects all
12. Share your edited videos on YouTube,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and Google plus.
Spesifikasi Aplikasi
App Name : Green Kinemaster Mod
App Size : 35 mb
Version : 14.02.3
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